Method by Kate Stewart


methodSometimes you read a book that utterly wrecks you in all the best ways—it steals your tears, leaves you breathless, and you don’t even know what to do with yourself once you’ve finished.

Method by Kate Stewart is THAT book. The one you spend hours searching for. It will move you, rip you apart, tear your heart to shreds, and make you fall hopelessly in love.

“I’m drowning without you.” His voice rips, jagged and cutting, penetrating my aching chest. But it’s the anger that wins.
“No, you threw yourself in the deep end,” I reply lifelessly, “and you took me with you.”

My heart . . . do you hear it cracking?!? 💔💔💔

I knew very little about method acting prior to reading this novel. Watching it come to life was brilliant—fascinating, heartbreaking, moving, and so real. Told in the past and present, you’re taken on a journey that you’ll never forget.

Ms. Stewart absolutely blew me away. Lucas + Mila have a love so beautiful, so strong, you feel it in your bones. The love they share is soul deep, and with every word and every action you just knew—something real and powerful was pouring from the pages. And how amazing it is that simple words can create that feeling. That’s when you know that you are reading a book that is extraordinary.

In Ms. Stewart’s words . . .
“If anything, you’re creating an escape for a few hours, that’s something. And music, movies, books, they all have the power to change a lot, or at the very least, leave a lasting impression.”

Method did just that. Left an impression on my heart where it will forever remain.

As of 5.25.19, Method is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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