You. Me. Bed. Now. by Olivia T. Turner


you meI was in the mood for a hot quickie, so I decided to dive into You. Me. Bed. Now. by Olivia T. Turner. Scorching hot is what I got! If you’re looking for a quick fix of sexy instalove—and a hot and steamy story—go get in bed with a rugby player. 😂

Akea Saluni. Even his name is sexy. He’s New Zealand’s star rugby player and a Samoan god. Muscles upon muscles and dark eyes that can’t help but captivate you.

“He’s the kind of gorgeous that melts your brain. The kind that’s unfair. The kind that should come with a warning label: Warning. Users May Experience Foggy Brain Syndrome. Admire At Your Own Risk!”

Those eyes land on Zoey, an American sports reporter who is sent to cover rugby—a game she knows nothing about—and once he sees her, he has to have her!

“Do you want me to fuck your tight. Little. Wet. Pussy. With. My. Big. Cock.”
Yes. Please. Right. Now.
“I’m a professional, Mr. Salami, and this is anything but.”
“It’s Saluni.”
“You must have salami on your mind. I wonder why that is…”

This was a quick and dirty read that set my panties on fire. Definitely over-the-top as promised and oh, so sexy!

As of 5.2.19, You. Me. Bed. Now. is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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