Impact by Haley Jenner


impactIt’s not easy to write a review when you’ve been crying nonstop. My eyes are puffy, and my heart is full. Impact by Haley Jenner has ruined me. I imagine I’ll be living with this book hangover for quite some time.

Heartbreakingly beautiful, all consuming, powerful, and with a message that packs a punch, Impact truly stands on its title. That’s just what it did. Left an impact that will stay with me for a long time.

Unfortunately, so many of us have a before and after in our lives—an event or something we’ve lived through that changes who we are and how we live. I know I have a before and I’ve spent many hours hoping, wishing, praying that I could rewind time.

Our heroine, Zoe, would give anything to go back to “before”. A ghost of who she once was, she’s barely making it through the day. Gone are the smiles and the carefree woman she used to be. It’s a daily struggle to wake up, get dressed, and leave her apartment, much less interact with the outside world.

Then she meets Tripp and her world shifts. He is, by far, one of the most incredible heroes I’ve ever “met”. His heart is so big and so beautiful, you’ll absolutely fall in love. Hands down, he is now on my list of all-time top book boyfriends.

“Love is the one thing we should fear the most in this world. It has the ability to destroy. People give their life for it. They obsess over it, they let it consume them. You fear I’ll break your heart in the same way I’m afraid I will.”

This duo’s writing is brilliant. They took on an extremely difficult topic and painted the reality of living after a tragedy. I’m in awe. Proceed with caution, as Impact does contain a sensitive topic. The Haley Jenner writing duo has now been added to my auto one-click author list!!

“Love is hard, Zoe. It’s messy and painful, but it’s also one of the greatest things we can experience. You can’t compare it to anything else. You don’t overcome what you have, to fall in love just to let it go.”

As of 5.16.19, Impact is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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