Deceit by Ava Harrison


deceitIf there’s one author who I know will write a book that I’ll devour, it’s Ava Harrison. I couldn’t wait to get my greedy hands on Deceit and, as usual, I wasn’t disappointed!

There is something so special about an author who can take a character I didn’t particularly like from a previous book and completely change her in my eyes. I’ll admit, I was skeptical that I’d like Addison and, as I fell deeper and deeper in lust with Oliver, I couldn’t imagine that she’d ever deserve him. Ms. Harrison does an outstanding job of transforming Addison from the ruthless business woman that I remember to this vulnerable woman. Oliver changes Addison in all of the best ways and teaches her to really live life, not just exist through it.

Oliver is the bad boy I fell head over heels for. From the beginning, we know that he is deceitful . . . yeah, it’s in the title. The way he feels for Addison is plain as day though and, if it wasn’t for certain circumstances, he never would’ve let her walk away from him. I cheered him on as he fought for her. Olly was the perfect hero in my eyes, and a sexy Brit to boot. Loved it!

Ms. Harrison writes with so much emotion. The characters grew before my eyes and I was spellbound through the pages. There are twists and turns and a lot of heat, which had me engaged from the very first page. If you haven’t read Deceit yet, you need to grab your copy now! Perfect beach read for this summer!

As of 06.06.19, Deceit is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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