The Other Side by Kim Holden


the other sideThere are books that you love, books you enjoy, and every once in while, there are books that you know will stay in your heart for the rest of your life. The Other Side by Kim Holden was absolutely brilliant. Heartbreaking, breathtaking, soul shattering. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

“There are people we meet in this world who anchor us. They reassure us with their presence. They bring us comfort simply by being. They love us by osmosis, radiating it out and diffusing it in effortlessly.  Quietly they walk among us, treading lightly but providing stability and influence because it’s second nature. The thing that’s so special about these people is that they don’t know they are doing it.”

I refuse to spoil this story by talking about the plot. Just know that you will cry. You will fall in love. You will ache. You will feel. And, most of all, you’ll walk away with a new sense of hope, and a completely different outlook on life and how to live it.

“The most important time to listen is when the words are missing, that’s when hearts cry out the loudest.”

Beauty radiates off the pages and you can tell that Ms. Holden poured her heart and soul into this book. Trust me when I say, The Other Side is life changing!!! Do not miss it.

As of 6.11.19, The Other Side is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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