The Rebound by J.R. Rogue


reboundHow do I form words into sentences that can even remotely do justice to The Rebound by J.R. Rogue? I don’t know if they exist. Her writing is poetry, her voice so different, so lyrical. This story her song.

Broken hearts, shattered promises, two people wanting what they shouldn’t. Using each other to seek revenge. No love—just payback. Sean + Calliope have one summer to get over the pain they endured.

The Rebound had me consumed. I wanted to read faster to see what would happen, yet I knew I needed to savor every word, every moment.

Everyone says they’re afraid to be themselves with the person they love, because what if you are, and the person you love leaves you?

But that’s not what you’re really afraid of. You’re afraid you’ll be yourself and the one you love won’t leave. Instead, they’ll stay, and break you down. They’ll kill the real you, and you’ll be the one who doesn’t leave.

I felt every emotion these characters felt—their pain, their conflict, their desire, their love.

Ms. Rogue beats to her own drum. She stepped out of the traditional romance novel box and delivered a story that kept me glued to the pages. She is an author to watch.

As of 6.13.19, The Rebound is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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