Heartache and Hope by Jay McLean


heartacheMagic. Pure heart magic. Between the pages of this book you’ll find a captivating and magnificent tale created by one of the most talented YA authors out there. Jay McLean poured her magical fairy dust throughout this story and I fell. Hard. I’m writing this review and trying to see through the tears that won’t stop pouring from my eyes. Jay, what have you done to me?!!

I have been waiting for new words from my unicorn author, and when I saw she was writing a duet, I was elated. Heartache and Hope, the first book in Heartache Duet, was EVERYTHING.

“Love is not a noun. Love is something you do. Something you prove. Something you work hard to create. Love is not something that simply exists because you say it. Love is not a noun. Love is a verb.”

The queen of teen angst, ruler of first-love romance made me feel hope and heartache—the pure magic of being young and falling so in love, your heart is bursting.

“We fight, we float, we laugh, and we fall. God, do we fall. Deeper and deeper into these reckless emotions.”

I’ve fallen in love with many of Ms. McLean’s books in the past and I have to say that Connor +  Ava’s story took my breath away. All that this pair have been through will break your heart. You will cry. You will hurt. But above all, you will fall in love. And, when you finish that last page, you’ll hold your breath in anticipation of First and Forever. Because when you’re done, you’ll need MORE. I can’t say it enough—MAGIC!!

“Today… Today is a +infinite day.”

As of 7.1.19, Heartache and Hope is available with Kindle Unlimited.

Find and follow Jay McLean on Book+Main: https://bookandmainbites.com/jaymclean

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