Reputation by Dr. Rebecca Sharp


Hours. I spend hours looking for books that make me feel like this—holding onto my kindle for dear life, heart racing, wanting to read as fast as I can, yet wanting to savor every moment.

Dr. Rebecca Sharp, you now have a new number one fan!

I loved every moment of reputation—the characters, the heartbreak, the lyrics and how I felt as if I was in the arena right with Blake and Zach. I loved how music played such an important part of their story and I loved their love.

“The truth is that my heart has been his to break for a very long time because love is a ruthless game—where in order to win, you have to lose. And this love is the kind that you fall into until it hurts or bleeds, but never fades with time.”

It was an incredible journey and I’m so thrilled to discover a new-to-me author who blew me away with such a fantastic story.

This best-friend’s sister, rock star romance was perfection and deserves a standing ovation. Loved it!!!

As of 8.15.19, reputation is available with Kindle Unlimited.

Book one, Heartache and Hope is available with Kindle Unlimited. Read my review here:

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