Million Dollar Marriage by Katy Evans


million dollar marriageWhen I picked up Million Dollar Marriage by Katy Evans, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved the blurb and thought this could be a REALLY good story. I’m happy to say I wasn’t wrong!

I loved Nell + Luke’s story. These two could not be more opposite, and yet, they just fit perfectly. I am not a reality TV person, but the reality show they end up on is like The Amazing Race or something similar. It intrigued me how these two completely opposite people, who probably never would’ve met in real life, are each other’s soulmates. The chemistry they shared from the very beginning was real.

Nell is your typical nerd who doesn’t like to venture out of her norm. Doing a show like this is beyond her realm, but she really needed the money. She learns to take risks, to let go a little bit, and she learns to soar. Luke is the biggest catalyst for this since he brings out the best in her.

Luke is one of those book boyfriends that you just fall in love with. From the very beginning he was taken with Nell. He protected her at every turn and even when she tried to push him away, he wouldn’t go. His strength and determination and clear adoration for Nell won me over early on.

This was a highly entertaining book and I loved the game element of the story. Nell + Luke grew so much as a couple and individually throughout. It was a great read.

As of 08.27.19, Million Dollar Marriage is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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