Weekly KU Recs | Week of January 6

focusedFocused by Karla Sorensen

“You became the most unreadable offense I’d faced, and you knew something like that would drive me insane. All I could think about was what I’d done wrong or how I’d upset you to make you shut me out like that.”






call her mineCall Her Mine by Melissa Foster

“Possessive,” he whispered against her lips.

She was breathless and dizzy. “What?

“I’m not being overprotective. I’m being possessive.” His lips pressed hard and fast against hers again, and then they were gone, and his eyes drilled into hers as he said, “I get that way over things that are mine.”




nerd#Nerd by Cambria Hebert
“Rule four,” I said, ignoring the funny way he made me feel. “No charm at all.”
“I can’t help it, Rimmie.” His intensely azure eyes roamed over my face like he was looking at me for the first time. “It’s so easy to make you blush.”


As of 01.08.20 all books are available with Kindle Unlimited.



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