Weekly KU Recs | Week of April 20th

changing rolesChanging Roles by Melanie Moreland

“I knew her—all of her. Her footsteps and the cadence of her voice. She was the reason I missed home so much while I was away. It wasn’t this place I was longing for—it was her. They were one and the same: My heart—My home.”




royal packageRoyal Package by Lili Valente

“The magic that flickers between us every time we touch is a kitchen fire we have to put out before it burns the house down.”






foundationsFoundations by Leigh Lennon

“But Arden’s smirk wasn’t all creepy. In it was a hungry possession and sparkle I’d never seen before. In his face was contentment, one he’d claim he’d have when we found the right girl. Here, in my arms, was the right girl for us both”.




shameless kingShameless King by Maya Hughes

“What’s the matter, Books? Afraid my irresponsibility will rub off on you? Look at  you, already creasing your papers. Next you’ll be coloring outside the lines and maybe even leaving the house without an emergency supply kit for a small village.”



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