Weekly KU Recs | Week of April 27th

money manThe Money Man by Nancy Herkness

“What is that smile all about?” He lowered his hands to his sides.
“I was wishing you were wearing a neckcloth.” Since he wasn’t wearing any tie at all, she flicked open the first fastened button to reveal the tempting indent at the base of his neck.
“A what?”
“A neckcloth, like a Regency duke. So I could take my time unwrapping you.”


EcoverMayhem’s Betrayal by Lindsay Cross

“She had been in this mansion for over a year with some of the  most attractive alpha men you could imagine, but she had never felt a shred of intimacy toward any of them. They were more like protective brothers. Then, Dawson showed up, a traitor and murderer, and suddenly she wanted to do things to him she hadn’t thought about in years.”



by a threadBy A Thread by Lucy Score

“Was grumpy and rude suddenly the new hot? My vagina seemed to think so.”


Read a Bite: https://bookandmainbites.com/story/44502





snowboundSnowbound at Christmas by Jennifer Ryan, Lia Riley and Maisey Yates (Anthology)

“I want you more than I want to be safe. So I want you to know that I love you. That I want you, forever. Even though I’m shaking in my boots.” – from Snowed in at Copper Ridge Lodge by Maisey Yates





As of 04.30.2020 all books are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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