Weekly KU Recs | Week of June 8th

blameWhere the Blame Lies by Mia Sheridan

“What had he expected? A broken shadow of a person? Maybe he had. Maybe that’s why the real woman, up close and three-dimensional, was throwing him for such a loop. Something about her pulled at him. It was almost a physical sensation.”



just rightJust Right by Bronwyn Green

“Her eyes softened, and I swore I was looking straight into the heart of my future.”


Read a Bite: https://bookandmainbites.com/story/45735




ruthless kingRuthless King by Maya Hughes

“It hurt to look at her, but I couldn’t avert my eyes, like staring into the sun during an eclipse-you knew  you were doing damage, but how could you look away from something so rare and spectacular? Looking at her took me back to some of my best memories.”


Read a Bite: https://bookandmainbites.com/story/32412


As of 06.11.2020, all books are available with Kindle Unlimited.

As of 06.11.2020, Where the Blame Lies is available with Audible Escape.

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