Weekly KU Recs | Week of June 15th

burningBurning Her Resolve by Tess Summers

“But when I’m with you, Doc, my soul sings. You make me feel alive.”






catch meCatch Me When I Fall by A.L. Jackson

“You think all of our days aren’t missteps and accomplishments? Joys and sorrows? Victories and failures? Not one of us is perfect, Royce, not one. Either we choose to remain captives to our mistakes or we choose to rise above them. Learn from them and become better.”





american queenAmerican Queen by Sierra Simone

“I just…I thought about that kiss so much. But I knew there was no way you would remember it. Why would you? You were an adult, a man, and I was just a child. And you’ve gone on to live this incredible life, to be a hero and now a leader, and you had your beautiful wife —”



As of 06.18.2020 all of these are available with Kindle Unlimited.

As of 06.18.2020 American Queen and Catch Me When I Fall are available with Audible Escape.

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