Your Roadmap to Cut Through the KU Clutter

KU Book Reviews is your source for the best romance, chick lit, erotica and dark erotica available on Kindle Unlimited (KU). As many of you know, books are made available on KU for a 90-day period. Then, it is up to the author (or their publisher) whether or not to renew its availability. In the interest of keeping these reviews relevant (even when the book is no longer on KU), we’ve implemented our own system here at KUBR: Read It, Skip It or Buy It™.

It’s pretty simple: Read It means that we enjoyed it and we’d recommend reading it on KU because it’s included in the program. Skip It is obvious: we don’t recommend it. Even if it were free, we wouldn’t dedicate the time. Buy It is for those books we absolutely love and we would gladly, happily, joyously pay for them, even if they weren’t on KU (and we’d likely read it again). Chances are, if they’re a Buy It recommendation, we’ve likely read and/or purchased other books by the same author. In that case, we’ll try to add links to those books as well.


Lastly, our goal here at KUBR is to get recommendations to you as quickly as we read them. Therefore, our ‘reviews’ are really more ‘quick + dirty’ recaps and thoughts on what we liked (or didn’t like) versus in-depth reviews. There are many fabulous book reviewers of these genres out there and we think they’ve got that covered just beautifully.

Disclosure: Please note that we are not related to Amazon in any way. Additionally, we never receive any compensation of any kind for reviews. However, we are a member of Amazon’s Affiliate Program and may receive payment on affiliate links. Lastly, we are paying members of Kindle Unlimited and absolutely love the program. It allows us to indulge in our bibliophilic tendencies without breaking the bank.


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