Aural Tendencies with Robyn

RATING: STORY: BUY IT AUDIO: BUY IT Okay, so we all know by now that I’m a reader with high standards (aka very picky). I read so many books, in so many genres that I can’t help but roll my eyes and feel a bit frustrated with the clichéd, same old-same old telling of stories. […]

Smuttily Ever After by Seven Bloggers

RATING: BUY IT I’ve often thought bloggers are quietly, deeply frustrated writers. We read and review books all the time. We have an idea of what’s okay, good and brilliant, and have the awesome job of letting readers know. We’re also closer to many readers and sometimes have a better idea of what they want […]

Aural Tendencies with Robyn

RATING: STORY: BUY IT AUDIO: BUY IT I tend to confess so much to you here, KUbbies. It’s said confession is good for the soul, and sharing my love of books with you makes me happy, so this is a safe place for me. With that said, here’s my latest confession: my name is Robyn and […]

Losing You by Brooklyn Taylor

RATING: READ IT I’ve often called myself an equal opportunity reader. When it comes to romance there’s not a troupe I haven’t read. Paranormal, sports, military, rock stars, older couples, new adult – well, you get the idea. I was introduced to author Brooklyn Taylor during the KUbbies’ Korner Indie Saturday Night Takeover. She mentioned […]

Blame It on the Shame by Ashley Jade

RATING: BUY IT Social media can be a wondrous place. A way to stay in touch with family or reconnect with friends. It’s really a great way to connect with people who share the same interests and hobbies as you do. It’s in this capacity I met author Ashley Jade. Already an established, published author […]

Paid For by Alexa Riley

RATING: READ IT I’ve had incredible luck in the past few weeks with my reads. It’s as if I hit the romance books pot-of-gold. One after another of simply fantastic reads, many that have left me emotional goo. And while I’m not a huge fan of the insta-love, Quick & Dirty reads, I really needed the […]

Incognito by Ten Secret Authors

RATING: BUY IT With all the books I’ve read, anthologies never seem to hit my radar. Honestly, I don’t know why. What a great way to read great stories by great authors in one collection! I’ve seen a few anthologies released in the recent months, noted to download a few and check out the stories, […]

Reckless by Winter Renshaw

RATING: READ IT I admit to being a proponent of romance/erotica stories involving characters in their 30s and 40s. Characters that have had a chance to live life and learn from it. Characters, heroines, in particular, that the reader can identify with and connect to. Well, be careful what you wish for as you just […]

Pig & Barley Series by Mae Wood

RATING: BUY IT Lately it seems the world-at-large is full of so much negativity. It’s hard to ignore communities imploding and selfish behavior everywhere. I was losing hope of people still remembering to support one another. Then a few weeks back, a beacon of light – Kate Canterbary, author of The Walsh series and someone mentioned […]

El Diablo by M. Robinson

RATING: BUY IT What is it about the bad boy that makes women swoon? Why do we find the dark, brooding, dangerous, and sometimes psychotic, side of our fictional alpha males so attractive? I recently found my heart melting for K. Webster’s Gabe in This Isn’t Over, Baby and now Author M. Robinson has me […]