The Matchmaker’s Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken

RATING: READ IT When Mila and I decided months back to expand the blog she started in January of this year, we had dreams for what a reader group could be. A fun place where readers and authors could connect, where readers could talk about their favorite KU books and most importantly, where we could […]

All the Rage by T.M. Frazier

RATING: BUY IT I’m just going to admit this right off the bat – I LOVE T.M. Frazier! Seriously, love her. Not just the brilliant writer side of her, but she’s really one of the nicest people I’ve met. I attended Wicked Book Weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in April. I can be a pretty shy lady […]

Off Key by CJ Martín

RATING: READ IT Everyone has an answer for the age-old question, “Can a man and woman have a truly platonic friendship?” I think that answer is yes, friends come in all shapes, colors and genders. When a friendship starts between two people who are deeply attracted to each other and fight the attraction, well, that’s […]

Hard Core by Tess Oliver

RATING: BUY IT Do you ever dream of a do-over in your life? You know, that one moment or span of time when your life was changed forever because of a snap decision or just being young, stupid and not knowing any better? Tess Oliver’s Hard Core is a beautifully written story about second chances. […]

Filthy English by Ilsa Madden-Mills

RATING: READ IT Did you know I’m a sucker for a good series? I am. If the story is strong and the characters are dynamic, I’ll follow them forever. I can’t help it, I’m loyal. Okay, the truth is I just want to know if my expectations of character development are ever in alignment with the […]

Like A Boss by Logan Chance

RATING: READ IT WINNER: KUBR’s July YOU CHOOSE Contest Earlier this month, KU Book Reviews’ FB readers overwhelmingly nominated and voted for Like A Boss by first-time author, Logan Chance as the featured KU book in July’s YOU CHOOSE contest. As I’ve recently learned, Logan is one half of The Brothers Chance, along with his brother, Jacob, […]

Grinder by Samantha Whiskey

RATING: READ IT Here it is, my truth: I think Kindle Unlimited is one of the greatest inventions of modern times. Yes, I write for a blog all about Kindle Unlimited books, but I do so because of my love of the truly unlimited supply of books at one low monthly fee! Why am I gushing […]

Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan

RATING: READ IT This may be the most personal review for me to date. I’m almost at a loss for how to begin writing this. Let me give a little background info first, that may help. I’ve recently discovered my love for audiobooks. NOT taking away my love of reading, page for page, a great story, […]

Man Candy by Melanie Harlow

RATING: READ IT Life has been emotionally heavy lately. Like everyone else, I have a million things going on at any given second. I rarely get that moment just to catch my breath. Not complaining, really I’m not. I’ve created this full and fulfilling life, so I’m often surprised when I choose a heavy read […]

Kick, Push + Coast by Jay McLean

RATING: BUY IT Some days I look at my “To Be Read” list and just feel overwhelmed. So many great reads all vying for my attention and I just can’t figure out how to choose the next book. Every now and then though, one book sort of screams “READ ME” and I know to listen. When […]