Weekly KU Recs | Week of December 7th

Floored by Karla Sorensen “Two options lay in front of me as I followed the hot man with the phenomenal ass up the narrow stairs that led to the space above the pub. 1 – I was going to be chopped into a thousand pieces because he was a murderer. 2- I was going to […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of September 14th

Wallflowers: Three of a Kind by CP Smith “Only weak men want weak women. Devin’s a man’s man. He’ll want a real woman, a strong one with backbone, not some shallow marshmallow who can’t think for herself.” RATING: BUY IT #ActionPacked#AlmostPeedInMyPantsLOL#RereadContender Follow Me Down by Melissa Toppen “I feel crazed. Unhinged. Completely fucking desperate. She’s […]