Weekly KU Recs | Week of May 10th

Not So Sincerely, Yours by A.M. Johnson “We were chasing seconds like thieves, stealing time for ourselves, adding up minutes until we had hours of skin and lips. I’d jumped off this cliff with him and I wasn’t ready to land.” RATING: BUY IT #allthefeels #nextlevelwriting #burningupthesheets Deathly by Brynne Asher “You’re all the things […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of November 23rd

Memory of a Melody by Charli B. Rose “I know it’s been a roller coaster, but there’s no one I’d want sitting next to me to hold my hand during the scary drops, to laugh on the trips to the top with or to kiss at the highest peaks than you.” RATING: READ IT Normal […]