Defending Allye by Susan Stoker

RATING: BUY IT I was excited to see that Susan Stoker had a new series in KU—and that it was also available to listen to for free! The Mountain Mercenaries series kicks off with Defending Allye. We were first introduced to the Mountain Mercenaries at the end of the Ace Security series. I knew when […]

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow

RATING: BUY IT I am a huge Melanie Harlow fan and I was thrilled to see her new release go right into KU! Irresistible is everything I love about Ms. Harlow’s writing. Frannie + Mack’s story is sweet and sexy, and gave me all of the feels. I have found with most of Ms. Harlow’s […]

Naked Love by Jewel E. Ann

RATING: BUY IT Maybe I need to have my life fall apart to find one of Jewel E. Ann’s book boyfriends. I should just get in my car, leave it all behind and drive to the middle of nowhere, show up at a vegan cafe, and someone like Jake Matthews will be waiting for me. […]

Love Me Like You Won’t Let Go by Melissa Toppen

RATING: BUY IT I was truly lucky this past week with my reading choices. I picked up Melissa Toppen’s Love Me Like You Won’t Let Go and I didn’t want to let it go! This is the first story in a long time where I actually wanted to turn to the back of the book […]

Think Twice by Stephanie Rose

RATING: BUY IT A big THANK YOU to Stephanie Rose for giving me a book that really allowed me to feel again! It seems like a lot of the books I’ve read recently I haven’t completely connected to and, while I’ve enjoyed the stories, nothing really makes me feel. Think Twice completely changed that! Ms. […]

Memphis by Ginger Scott

RATING: BUY IT From the beginning, I knew that Memphis by Ginger Scott was going to be something special, something I wanted to devour, while at the same time, savor every single word. In a family full of greedy, selfish people, Olivia wishes for nothing more than to never have to see them again. But […]

The Life We Wanted by Kelsey Kingsley

RATING: BUY IT An incredible story of love, loss, and life never turning out the way you thought it would, The Life We Wanted by Kelsey Kingsley blew me away. You think you have it all figured out—your career, your future, your life. Yes, it may not be what you’d hoped for, but you’re content. […]