Get Witch Quick by Daisy Prescott

Warning: this review contains several powerful witchy puns. I’m not sorry. RATING: READ IT Does wanting a flock of flying monkeys make you a bad witch? Asking for a friend. You know, I had no idea that Daisy Prescott had delved into paranormal-slash-cozy-mystery romance. Witch {get it?!} is why, when Get Witch Quick was conjured […]

The Gaia Chronicles by Grace White

RATING: READ IT Today I’m writing about something a little out of the norm for me. I don’t read a lot of paranormal romance but I love L.A. Cotton and, when I heard she was writing paranormal under Grace White, I knew I had to try it. The Gaia Chronicles also called to me since […]

Halfling by Adrian Wolfe

RATING: READ IT I decided to talk about a paranormal book today. It’s out of the norm for me to pick up a paranormal romance, though I’m not sure why since I love shows like Charmed and so many others. So, when Adrian Wolfe talked to me about reading her debut book, Halfling, I decided […]

Apartment 2B and Alpha & Omega by K Webster

RATING: BUY IT A few weeks ago, with the review for Melanie Harlow’s Frenched, we here at KUBR introduced the concept of Retro Reviews. These are reviews on books available through Kindle Unlimited, but books that may not be new or newer releases. These are, however, books that deserve to be read. So, we all […]