Weekly KU Recs | Week of March 9

Emeralds by Annie Dyer “Under a Scottish sun we lie, laughing. Talking. Holding each other because we know what it’s like to have to let go.” RATING: BUY IT #allthefeels #nextlevelwriting #freshandunique       All His Lies by Maya Hughes “I didn’t like it. I didn’t like her having this control over me. This […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of March 2

The Sinful King by Claire Contreras “One evening with him, and I already knew there was a lot more to the future king than met the eye, but I couldn’t dwell on that. I had to keep tonight as a fond memory – that time I went on a date with the future king of […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of February 24

Undercover Love by Lucy Score “I would find you if you ran.” “You know, saying things like that earns some people restraining orders.” RATING: BUY IT #oneclickauthor #readitinonesitting #freshandunique         Bare by Sarah Robinson “It’s my turn to talk. I made a mistake once. Hell, a million times. But falling in love […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of February 10

Bang on Loosely by Lili Valente “Some mistakes don’t stay in the past. Some of them, especially ones with glittering green eyes and magical hands, come back to haunt you.” RATING: BUY IT #rereadcontender #freshandunique #readitinonesitting       As of 02.13.2020, this book is available with Kindle Unlimited.

Weekly KU Recs | Week of January 27

  Unexpectedly Yours by Rebecca Shea “Remember those words, Gracie. True love conquers all the crap life hands us.” RATING: READ IT #allthefeels         Chandelier by Annie Dyer “We don’t need to tangle a web to deceive… I’m just a pretty thing concerned with other pretty things. A chandelier, designed to throw […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of January 13

Sold Out by A.M. Madden “Trey’s grief, in essence, has become his prison…punishment for a crime he feels he committed.” RATING: BUY IT #allthefeels #nextlevelwriting #oneclickauthor #rereadcontender   At Wolf Ranch by Jennifer Ryan “You know me. I hold on. I’m holding on to you.” “For how long?” He laid her back onto the bed, […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of January 6

Focused by Karla Sorensen “You became the most unreadable offense I’d faced, and you knew something like that would drive me insane. All I could think about was what I’d done wrong or how I’d upset you to make you shut me out like that.” RATING: BUY IT #allthefeels #nextlevelwriting #oneclickauthor       Call […]

Weekly KU Recs | Week of December 30

Out of the Darkness by Jessica Prince “I left my old life behind. I’d gone in search of a new one, and to my delightful surprise, everything was working out beautifully. So I never could have suspected that a big, bearded Sasquatch of a man would step onto the scene and rain all over my […]