The Team

Mila • Blog Founder

I’m a marketer by day and a serial entrepreneur by night. I’m the VP of marketing for my company and have been here for 17 years. I’ve started multiple business, including a fairly successful mobile app that I created with my sister in 2009. I live in Chicago with my two cats, Gray + Wyatt. I was married for almost a decade, but am now very happily single. I’m a lifelong reader and read my first romance/erotica book at the age of 11, unbeknownst to my mother, whose book it was. I’m sure that has a lot to do with the person I am today ~ no joke. My love of reading turned into a blog and I’m now in the middle of writing a book, which may or may not see the light of day. In 2016, I was one of seven bloggers featured in an anthology called Smuttily Ever After, which was an Amazon Bestseller {and I designed the cover, which made me almost as happy as being one of the writers.} Oh, and I’m an absolute die-hard KU addict and read anywhere from 20-40 books a month ~ I couldn’t live without KU…or at least, not and keep a roof over my head.


Christine • Blogger

I am 41 years young and I have an almost 14 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. I’ve been married for what feels like forever. 😉 By day, I work full time as an executive assistant for an investment firm. After work, I become a jack of all trades….chauffeur, cook, cleaning lady, accountant, dog mom, horse mom and so many more things before I stay up late reading. I loved to read when I was in grade school, but life got in the way and I hadn’t picked up a book for years. In the spring of 2015, I decided I was going to see what all of the hype was around the 50 Shades series. I read the 3 books twice in a week and a half and I was hooked. I have read a lot of books since then. I’m a huge romance fan and love the hot and heavy! I found KU last year and thought I’d give it a try since my book habit was breaking me. It’s been well worth it!


Beth • Blogger

I am an Australian living in North Carolina, a mother of two (three if you include my husband, which… is probably a fair call) and an avid reader. While I have been a reader my whole life—the first book I loved was called Old Hat, New Hat, a Seuss-style book that I made my beleaguered parents read on repeat—I am only a fairly recent romance convert. In July 2013, at the age of 30, my best friend recommended I try the Guild Hunter books by Nalini Singh after I confessed that the Crime & Mystery books I’d loved for years were making me too scared to get out of bed in the dark of night (yes, I am that ridiculous), and the rest, they say, is history. I fell in love with Paranormal Romance first, and now am willing to read just about anything—as long as I get a HEA.

After two (fabulous) years of blogging with Give Me Books, I am now the proud owner of my own blog, Panda & Boodle, and I am thrilled to be getting to know the world of KU—seemingly endless books and the chance to try new authors and new genres—and taking the time to read whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want… as long at those three kids of mine say it’s okay, of course.